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Announcement from CIELO Customer Support.

There are cases user are not receiving SMS (short message service).

Please check the following notes if you are one of them.

Cases when Authentication code (SMS) will not come

If you do not receive the telephone number authentication mail, it could be the following reasons.

· Dash mark is added to your phone number

◯ 09012345678

✕ 090-1234-5678

· Added country code to your phone number

◯ 09012345678

✕ 819012345678

The country code has already been entered when selecting your country in the begining.

· The communication from the terminal phone center is delayed due to the congestion of the SMS transmission center.

· Your registered cell phone number is wrong.

· SMS rejection is set in your spam filter setting.

* Filter settings for spam mail

 Note that SMS may take 3 hours or more depending on the condition of the carrier.