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Anti-Social Forces


Fundamental Policies Regarding Anti-Social Forces

CieloEX Limited (hereinafter referred to as "our company") declares the following basic policy in the name of preventing damages caused by groups or individuals who pursue economic interests through violence, power or fraudulent methods (hereinafter referred to as "antisocial forces, etc.").


1 Total severance of relations

Our company has absolutely no connection with antisocial forces, etc. In addition, in the event that a user already dealing with us is determined to belong to antisocial forces, etc., the related transactions will be promptly cancelled.


2 Interaction as an organization

In order to prevent damages caused by antisocial forces, etc., our company will respond as a whole.


3 Rejection of illegitimate requests

Under no circumstance will our company support illegitimate requests made by antisocial forces, etc. Additionally, we will reject any illegitimate requests made by antisocial forces, etc.


4 Prohibition of funding

Our company will not fund or provide benefits to antisocial forces, etc.


5 Insurance of Employee Safety

Our company will ensure the safety of all employees from antisocial forces, etc.